Fishing From The Boat

So you’ve got yourself a boat to fish on? That’s great! Ultimately fishing from the boat is the ultimate way to catch fish. It’s way more fun than Fishing From The Shore. It can be intimidating at first, with such a large body of water and small little fish. Where do they all hide? Are they everywhere? Well I can guarantee you they are not everywhere, I wish they were, but sadly this isn’t the case. Follow along as I give you some idea’s on how to find the next hot spot or honey hole. Here’s some fishing tips to find those fish. Continue reading

Fishing From The Shore

You don’t always need a fancy boat to go out fishing. Fishing from shore can be tons of fun and very lucrative!¬†Follow along as I take you on a journey through my own personal fishing from shore experiences. Some things work and some things dont, regardless it’s a great hobby to get you out of the house and enjoying mother nature and the great outdoors! Continue reading