Fishing Reels

There isn’t just one kind of fishing reel. There are actually quite a few different types of fishing reels that tend to cater to specific situations. Take for example the closed-faced, spin-cast reels that lets line out with the simple click of a push-button. A spin-cast reel is ideal for novice fisherman who are just starting out, mainly because that type of reel is extremely easy to use and will cause less of a hassle for those that lack experience.

Other common types of fishing reels include spinning reels (commonly referred to as open-faced reels), fly-fishing reels and bait-cast reels. Those three types of reels cater more to the seasoned fisherman who has had more experience with the different aspects of fishing. Spinning reels are probably the next step up from a spin-cast reel and then bait-cast would probably be considered the most learning-intensive reel.

Most fisherman tend to choose their reels based on different factors, such as the type of fish they are after, the types of lures or bait they will be using and other factors. A good fishing reel coupled with a good fishing rod and the right bait can make for a great day of fishing.