Fishing Rods

It is pretty obvious that when it comes to a day of fishing, it would be impossible to actually fish without a fishing rod. A fishing rod is basically the long, slender pole that is used (usually in conjunction with a reel) to do all of the actions necessary for a day of fishing; casting, reeling, twitching, setting the hook, fighting the fish and well, you get the idea. The concept of a fishing rod is actually a quite simple one, but if you look at a fishing rod from a seasoned or veteran perspective then you will come to find that there are fishing rods suited for each and every situation.

If you journey a hundred years back in time, there were no rod and reel combos available, back then the traditional set up was a piece of cane or bamboo that had a piece of fishing line tied to the end. Believe it or not, that method is still used today and quite popularly too. However, nowadays there are so many different fishing rods available on the market that sometimes it just seems unnecessary. Casting Rods, Spinning Rods and Saltwater Rods have been built at different thicknesses and lengths to combat with different fishing conditions, sometimes being built to cater to a specific fish.

The right fishing rod is key to catching more fish. Cater your fishing rod choice to the environment, conditions and fish that you plan on catching. The right fishing rod may be the difference between catching a boatload and coming up empty.